Ransomware is on the rise – do you have a backup plan?

Ransomware is a type of malware from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. Ransomware is a serious threat!

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files. The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment.

One most common delivery for ransomware is a phishing scam – attachments that come to the victim in an email, masquerading as a file they should trust. Once downloaded and opened, they can take over a victim’s computer, especially if they have built-in social engineering tools that trick users into allowing administrative access.

When it comes to storing and sharing sensitive data you have to put considerable thought into all aspects from where it is stored, how it is stored, who has access to it, and how to get it there. Even if you’ve got all the ‘bells and whistles’ when it comes to securing your data, you’ve invested in defensive technologies, and you’ve got security policies and processes in place, it is still possible for a smart ’social engineer’ to infiltrate their way onto your network.

When it comes to someone exploiting human psychology, you must put additional training in place and constantly remind your staff to be careful how they share passwords and sensitive files. Ideally you should use the local area network in an office environment, but more companies now find that their employees are working from home and need a solution.

When you have staff working remotely you should look to invest in a secure Cloud system that is bespoke and configured to your corporations’ exact needs – allowing both workers in the office and the remote workers to make callsshare files, type conversations, and link through video with complete security and confidence.

Spam attacks have two targets; humans first, IT systems later. In smart working, it is good practice to have both informed personnel, and at the same time a platform that has sophisticated authentication systems. State of the art authentication ensures that your workers are in direct communication with each other and are not being intercepted by a third party – whether via Email or when accessing systems.

Hence the importance of using a technology such as BondiSuite, which allows;

At BondiSuite we have an all-encompassing suite of products that work for small to large enterprises which aids in providing a secure, and safe environment for your workforce to engage.

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